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Leah Mazur, MFA University of Kansas, is a multidisciplinary scenographer (scenic/lighting/costume designer) and visual artist based in the DFW metroplex. Her research explores the blurring of lines between experiencing and becoming performance, the intersections of interactive installation and performance art, as well as the integration of XR (extended reality) into the performing arts as a means of accessibility and expanded storytelling. She is an active designer with both national and international profiles, focusing on the development of new works and the foregrounding of femme voices and predominately women/femme- led production teams. In her work, she seeks to further define the intersections of her visual artistic practice with her spatial design projects through the integration of design artifacts.


In January 2024, Leah’s work on the regional premiere of Lauren Gunderson’s Artemisia, explored the concept of “space as witness to trauma” through design aesthetic as well as the self-publication of her companion art book of the same name. Through her use of immersive designed spaces, Leah asks the audience to actively engage with the built world around them, thereby dissolving the line between performer and audience.


Her upcoming work includes the regional premiere of the musical Hundred Days (Circle Theatre), Something Wicked (Altar’d Playhouse), the world premiere of The Handless King (Amphibian Stage), the inaugural SheDFW festival (an affiliate of SheNYC), as well as the scenic design for a new show, 3 HAMS!, which opens in New York in July of 2024 and is a participating production in the 2024 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh Scotland.


Select national credits include productions at Spinning Tree Theatre, Unicorn Theatre, Kansas Repertory Theatre (Kansas City), Lake Dillon Theatre Company (Colorado), Cape May Stage (New Jersey), Anacostia Playhouse, Scena Theatre (Washington D.C.), Amphibian Stage, Theatre Three, Altar’d Playhouse, SheDFW, and Circle Theatre (DFW).


Leah maintains professional membership and affiliation with the national United States Institute of Technical Theatre (USITT). She is currently head of the Design & Technology BFA program in the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance at the University of Texas at Arlington.

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